Data Center Optimization / Monitoring

Chesapeake Mission Critical with SYNAPSENSE are the definitive leaders in energy-focused Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM).  This Data Center Optimization Platform delivers tangible return on investment (ROI) for facility managers through verifiable energy savings and paid utility incentives.


By combining top-of-the-line products with expert services, CMC is able to design and maintain solutions that best monitor and protect your facilIty from environmental and physical threats.  They also take the solution set to the next level with Data Center Optimization and Adaptive Control.

The SYNAPSENSE Wireless Data Center Solution is a valuable tool for commissioning and assessing data center energy utilization and capacity optimization. Once the monitoring solution is in place, Chesapeake Mission Critical quantifies energy efficiency opportunities, while recommending ways to further improve the data center thermals and airflow, including sub floor pressure.  SYNAPSENSE LiveImaging™ provides real time thermal, humidity, dew point and pressure differential mapping and movies.  As a result, customers literally can see hot spots and re-direct airflow. Power metering supports power and IT capacity optimization.  The SYNAPSENSE Wireless Data Center Solution results in significant and quantifiable improved energy efficiency for our customers.

Chesapeake Mission Critical and SYNAPSENSE provide customers with the resources and services to successfully implement and deploy this wireless sensor network solution to achieve energy savings and optimization in the data center.

SYNAPSENSE Co-existence and Security White Paper 8-2008


The following collection of products enables facility managers to complement and/or extend upon their existing investments in the power infrastructure of their data center.

  • The P3 SmartPlug™ is a server power cord outfitted with a wireless radio and an inline, true-RMS power meter at an unbelievable price point.  The device is unique, allowing facility managers to leverage their existing investment in basic RPDUs, while enabling near immediate access to outlet-level electrical usage.
  • The SmartLink™ device provides an alternative communication mechanism for intelligent or switched RPDUs.   It retrieves data from RPDUs via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and communicates this data wirelessly via the SYNAPSENSE® Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).
  • The SYNAPSENSE® Branch Circuit Monitoring solution allows facility operators to instrument floor PDUs and enables them to map circuits to the actual racks they serve.

These products create end-user-driven solutions that provide real-time, vendor agnostic access to electrical usage at the server, RPDU, rack or floor PDU levels.  This enables end-users to make safe, informed capacity planning decisions, with the unique capability of identifying the best location for additional load in terms of both power and cooling capacity.  It also provides unprecedented visibility through a compelling, intuitive user interface and access to a robust alerting module for immediate notification of impending violations of load or phase balance thresholds.

SYNAPSENSE® Active Control™ is another module of the Data Center Optimization Platform that provides immediate energy savings and increased efficiency by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load.  It leverages a granular deployment of wireless sensors, capturing server inlet temperature and sub-floor pressure differential to dynamically manage cooling unit temperature set points and variable fan speeds. This unique approach to control optimizes cooling capacity and saves up to 50% of cooling energy.

The SYNAPSENSE® Data Center along with Chesapeake Mission Critical employs vendor-agnostic strategies focused on providing a complete solution that delivers unprecedented energy savings and visibility to our customers.


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